Suffolk: The clocks go back this weekend - don’t leave your house in the dark, warn police

Trevor Scarfe retired last month from his job maintaining the Bildeston clock tower.

Trevor Scarfe retired last month from his job maintaining the Bildeston clock tower. - Credit: Archant

With the clocks going back this weekend - people are being encouraged to consider the security of their homes by following some simple crime prevention tactics.

As darkness will descend earlier in the day from Sunday, Suffolk police want to help ensure people don’t advertise their homes to thieves by leaving their property in the dark.

Community safety manager Alan Osborne said: “Leaving your house in total darkness is a sure sign no-one’s at home and an invitation to burglars.

“Burglars look for quick win opportunities; they don’t want to run the risk of a confrontation, so simply leaving a light on to give the impression someone is at home is often enough to deter them.

“Timer switches can also be fitted to operate radios and lights if you’re not back from work until after dark or if you’re away for a few days. Leaving a light on costs literally pence in electricity – and that pales into insignificance compared to the hundreds of pounds in insurance excess you might have to pay should your home be broken in to.

Mr Osborne added: “A high proportion of all break-ins are as a result of properties being left insecure, so checking all windows and doors are locked before leaving the house is crucial.

“Other home security essentials are to use your burglar alarm if you have one – it’s amazing how many households don’t bother – and also to never leave a spare key under the doormat or a flowerpot. Burglars will always look there first so it’s not much of a hiding place.”

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Anyone wishing to find out more about crime prevention advice and home security should contact their local Crime Prevention Officer at Suffolk police on 101.

The clocks go back at 2am Sunday, meaning we all get an hour extra in bed.