Suffolk: Widespread snow showers on the way

SNOW showers which have blanketed northern parts of the country are expected to reach Suffolk late tonight, weather experts have predicted.

Forecasters at Weather Quest have estimated parts of the county could wake up to around 5cm of the white stuff glistening across roads and rooftops.

Weather expert Joe Osborne said in the early hours of tomorrow morning widespread wintry showers will move into the region, dusting the countryside.

He said there is likely to be heavier coverage in eastern areas, nearer to the coast but western parts may see around 1cm settling.

“It is going to stay very, very cold over the weekend,” he said. “The ground will stay freezing so we will see the snow settling and most people will wake up to snow in the morning.

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“Overnight temperatures will be way below freezing and so there will be widespread ice on the roads, so people will need to take extra care.”

Today will remain cloudy with a few isolated snow showers.

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The sun will break through but temperatures will struggle to reach more than 3C.

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