Suffolk: Winter woollies at the ready as temperatures plummet and snow hits parts of the UK

SUFFOLK: A cold snap is poised and ready to grip Suffolk towards the end of the week as snow is predicted in parts of the country.

With dustings of the white stuff expected to cover the Scottish highlands and parts of northern England, forecasters are warning of frosts in Suffolk.

Chris Bell from WeatherQuest in Norwich, said temperatures are expected to plummet from averages of 12-14C we have been enjoying to 7C by Friday.

And he said overnight the mercury could drop as low as -2C in parts of the county.

“We are certainly going to see a cool down,” he told The Star last night.

“Tomorrow [Thursday] will be another cloudy but relatively mild day but by tomorrow night a cold front will move in meaning we will see colder air by Friday.

“There is not really any snow risk for us, the chance of snow is further north.

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“But there will be frosts as temperatures drop.”

Although you may have to dig out your winter woollies this weekend, Mr Bell said bright sunny spells are expected.