What is a Super Worm Moon and when can you see it this weekend?

The Super Worm Moon will be visible this weekend

The Super Worm Moon will be visible this weekend - Credit: Parkdean Resorts

Here's all you need to know about this weekend's Super Worm Moon and how to best see it in Suffolk.

Hadleigh Astronomer Neil Norman has revealed where this March full moon gets its name and what it will look like.

He said: "At 19.48pm on March 28 the moon will be exactly full. It is the first Super Moon of the year meaning that it is at full phase at its closest approach to Earth. 

"Very little difference in apparent size will be seen visually,  but some photographers may like to image it and then use the same settings for the next normal full moon to make a comparison perhaps.

"The name Worm moon is taken from the north American Indian naming of the moons.

"This one refers to the first full moon of spring and the thawing of the ground and hence the worms beginning to surface again."

To seen the moon clearly it's best to find a space away from light pollution, which is common in towns and cities.

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The higher up you are, the easier it is to see the stars clearly so head to a hill or high ground for viewing.

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