Survey aims to find out people’s most common Christmas-time stresses

A new survey wants to find out what stresses people most at Christmas

A new survey wants to find out what stresses people most at Christmas - Credit: Getty Images/Wavebreak Media

A survey is being launched to try and find out what stresses people out most during the festive period.

The Twelve Stresses of Christmas survey is being run by the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

It takes around two minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

Consultant clinical psychologist and clinical lead for wellbeing services at the trust, Nesta Reeve, said: “Christmas is a wonderful time of year when most families can get together to enjoy the holiday period, be joyful, grateful and giving.

“There is no doubt though it also comes with a certain amount of stress, from money worries to even small frustrations like fighting over the TV remote control.

“It’s a fun survey but also has a very serious side.

“It will be interesting to find out which stress factors affect people the most in Norfolk and Suffolk and, if indeed, they are the same way across two counties.

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“The sooner we get the results, the sooner we can help people to have a stress free Christmas.”

The trust’s wellbeing service helps people through a range of support systems including telephone based treatments, workshops, group sessions, online or computer based cognitive behavioural therapy and individual appointments.

The service is free and open to anyone aged 16 or over living in Suffolk, Norfolk or Great Yarmouth and Waveney.

Visit www. to take part in the survey.