Swan trapped in frozen lake rescued by firefighters

Reflections of a swan and cygnets. Picture: ROBERT MCKENNA

The swan was rescued by firefighters in Colchester (stock image). - Credit: robert mckenna

Firefighters used a sled to rescue a swan which had become trapped in a frozen lake in Colchester. 

The crew from Colchester was called to reports that a swan was stuck near Woodcock Close shortly after 11am on Sunday morning.

The swan had been trapped in the frozen lake at Salary Brook Local Nature Reserve for several hours, and was weak and unable to move.

Using a water rescue path and a sled, firefighters ventured across the lake alongside a team from the RSPCA to rescue the swan and bring it back to safety.

The swan was left in the care of the RSPCA.

The rescue comes just hours after a mum-of-two was left stunned when a have-a-go hero waded into an icy river to save her Jack Russell.

The 54-year-old says it was the extraordinary action of a passerby in Melton who plunged into the river and broke the ice to free the animal that ultimately saved her pet's life.

Vets told the mum-of-two that Sophia was very lucky to be alive - but none the worse for her experience she is now safe at home celebrating her sixth birthday.

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