Teapot Project returns to stop leftover restaurant food being wasted

Mischa Pearson and some of the emergency food parcels she provides Picture: THE TEAPOT PROJECT

Mischa Pearson and some of the emergency food parcels she provides Picture: THE TEAPOT PROJECT - Credit: Archant

It is food that might otherwise have been thrown away when others need it - but now a Suffolk project has been revitalised to help people during the coronavirus crisis.

The Teapot Project had previously been well-known for intercepting food from supermarkets that had been due to head for landfill, instead serving it up to those in need.

The project closed down last year having set up all the necessary mechanisms to ensure the food was reaching those in need.

“We thought we were away from it all,” said founder Mischa Pearson.

“We no longer needed to be in the mix.”

However, with supermarkets no longer having a surplus of food as a result of the coronavirus, the project has returned and has changed its focus.

It will now focus on other businesses such as restaurants and cafes that might have surplus food after being forced to close.

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The Teapot Project is also helping the Meals for Medics charity, which helps NHS staff to get a good meal after a long shift.

“We have partnered with Meals for Medics as well and we are helping them to get food to the NHS,” said Miss Pearson.

“We are trying to support them.”

Among the restaurants involved has been Nando’s in Ipswich, which donated a large amount of chicken following the restaurant’s nationwide closure.

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The project has only been up and running again for around a week but already it has gone into overdrive.

“We are taking thousands of meals. Usually it takes a month to get to that,” said Miss Pearson.

The project is mainly based in Woodbridge but has been helping people across the county.

The project is also receiving help from Woodbridge Town Council, which has offered up the services of an army of 200 volunteers.

Miss Pearson has been surprised by community support in the wake of the coronavirus but implored people to stay at home.

“We are watching the community pull together,” said Miss Pearson.

“It’s something we have never seen before.

“It’s showing what people are made of and what community means.

“We are remaining positive.”

Anyone who needs the project’s help or who thinks they can help should contact the project via Facebook or email emergency@woodbridge-suffolk.gov.uk

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