Teen faces jail for death crash

A SUFFOLK teenager faces the prospect of prison after causing the death of a 61-year-old woman by dangerous driving.

Colin Adwent

A SUFFOLK teenager faces the prospect of prison after causing the death of a 61-year-old woman by dangerous driving.

James Sadler, of Andrew Close, Leiston, pleaded guilty to the offence at Ipswich Crown Court yesterday.

The 18-year-old was charged in April after Carol Ann Myhill died following a collision with a Vauxhall Astra as she pushed her bicycle along the pavement in Victoria Road, Aldeburgh.

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The tragedy occurred around 11pm on February 25 this year.

Although Mrs Myhill was taken to Ipswich Hospital, she died shortly after her arrival.

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No details about what happened that night were revealed at yesterday's pleas and case management hearing before Judge Peter Thompson.

Sadler's co-accused, Jake Strowger, also 18, of Theberton, near Leiston, pleaded not guilty to death by dangerous driving during the same hearing.

Sadler will have to wait to be sentenced until after Strowger's trial.

Both teenagers had the support of their families in court and Mrs Myhill's relatives were also in attendance.

The court was told Strowger's trial is likely to take place over four days and expert witnesses may be called for the defence.

It was fixed for November 30 at Ipswich Crown Court, with the expectation it will end on December 3.

In the meantime Sadler was given an interim disqualification for driving.

Judge Thompson told him: “Mr Sadler, you have pleaded guilty. I am ordering a pre-sentencing report about you from the probation service which will assist the sentencing judge. You must be ready to be sentenced. You know it is a very serious matter. You know you will very likely go to prison.”

Before releasing Sadler and Strowger on bail, Judge Thompson told them: “This naturally is a very sensitive case. In both cases it would be very wise that you don't run into the victim's family and friends because they will have very strong feelings.”

Mrs Myhill, a grandmother who worked at the Wentworth Hotel for 22 years, was often seen pushing her bicycle through Aldeburgh.

On the night she died, lifeboat crews walking home from a first aid refresher course rushed to the scene of the crash to try and save her. However, her injuries were too severe.

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