Ten arrested as police break-up rave

By Danielle NuttallCrime CorrespondentPOLICE made 10 arrests and seized sound equipment and generators after finally managing to disperse revellers who had descended upon a quiet village for an illegal rave.

By Danielle Nuttall

Crime Correspondent

POLICE made 10 arrests and seized sound equipment and generators after finally managing to disperse revellers who had descended upon a quiet village for an illegal rave.

Officers attending the incident in Ramsholt, near Woodbridge, on Saturday had been pelted with stones and bottles by the hostile crowd, while police vehicles were also damaged.

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They returned on Sunday and managed to disable one sound system, but were surrounded by about 500 people and again were prevented from closing the rave down.

Police were back at the rave yesterday and finally managed to disperse the ravers, making 10 arrests and seizing equipment.

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Officers were first called to the area at 10.30pm on Saturday after villagers reported seeing large numbers of people and vehicles in a field close to the banks of the River Deben.

More than 1,000 people had set up tents, stalls and speakers for an illegal rave close to the village's church.

But officers were forced to withdraw from the incident at one stage and had to allow the rave to continue through Saturday night after being threatened by revellers.

Superintendent John Everett, operations manager for the force's eastern area, said last night: "Despite initial attempts to negotiate with organisers and members of the rave, officers faced hostility and threatening behaviour.

"Missiles such as stones and bottles were thrown at officers and police vehicles sustained minor damage when they were bumped away from the entrance to the site.

"Officers have worked over the weekend to turn vehicles away from the area, preventing them from entering the site. One vehicle was stop checked on the A12 and sound equipment was seized.

"Upon entering the site on Sunday police support unit officers successfully disabled one sound system, but were unfortunately surrounded by approximately 500 people, which prevented them from disabling the remaining sound system.

"On Monday, officers were monitoring the situation and about ten people were arrested for offences such as drink-driving, public order offences, assault on police officers and breach of section 63 of the criminal justice and Public Order Act 1994."

He added: "All sound equipment and generators were seized. By 6.30pm yesterday the site had been cleared and all people had left the site."

One of the revellers, who called himself Ferdie, said if the police had not been in riot gear, they would not have met with any hostility at all.

"People were scared, which is why we all gathered around. I think the way they looked at it when they confiscated the system was all to run over to the last system to dance," he said.

"If it was properly organised, someone would have to pay the council £20,000 for a licence and that's what they don't like that."

Police chiefs had previously appealed for the public's help to clampdown on illegal raves in the run-up to the bank holiday weekend to ensure communities did not have to suffer from the disruption of all-night parties.


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