Ten worst roads in Ipswich for car vandalism revealed - is your street on the list?

Car vandalism rates revealed

Car vandalism rates revealed - Credit: Archant

More than 800 incidents of cars being vandalised in Ipswich were reported to police last year, according to new statistics.

Over the course of 12 months, 806 incidents were recorded, the equivalent of 15 per week or two per day.

According to the statistics, which were released under Freedom of Information laws, the number of car vandalsim incidents has decreased from 1,041 in 2010, but is higher than the 772 recorded in 2012.

Local policing commander for north east Ipswich, Inspector Jane Coe, said: “Officers work with local communities to raise awareness of vandalism to vehicles and encourage drivers to ensure that vehicles are left secure and that valuables are removed from sight to remove the temptation of them being entered and damaged in the process.”

Among the roads with the highest number of cases were Bramford Lane, with 87 separate occasions since 2010, Nacton Road with 74 incidents and Norwich Road with 50.

To tackle the problem, police patrols have targeted problem areas at key times.

Inspector Coe added: “When crime patterns are identified, officers are tasked to patrol at key times and locations. We continue to promote crime prevention messages such as to consider fitting a car alarm, motion detector lighting, parking in well-lit roads and if you have a garage, then use it.”

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Three of the worst four roads of crime were in the Whitehouse area of Ipswich, with off-road parking limited for some of the streets.

Albert Grant, Ipswich borough councillor for the Whitehouse ward, said: “We have had a lot of problems on Bramford Lane and we try to get the police to keep on top of it, but we really need safer parking where they can make it easier for residents.”