Tendring: Commission to review number of councillors

Tendring District Council leader Peter Halliday

Tendring District Council leader Peter Halliday - Credit: Contributed

The number of councillors representing Tendring could change following calls for an electoral review of the district council.

The council’s cabinet has agreed that a review is necessary and wants to move ahead with the proposal.

It is recommending to council that the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is approached and a formal request submitted.

The commission is an independent body which is set up by Parliament and its aims include delivering electoral equality for voters and promoting effective and convenient government.

Reviews are carried out where there has been a major change in population, where there are local boundary changes or where a request is made.

It will consider the total number of councillors to be elected for the council; the names, number and boundaries of wards and the number of councillor to be elected for each ward.

Tendring District Council (TDC) leader, Peter Halliday, said: “Given the council is looking at ways to save money, and the fact that we have reduced our staffing level by around 15%, it is only right to look to reduce the number of councillors on the council. It is however, important to maintain accessibility to councillors and ensure democratic accountability is not hindered by any reduction in numbers.”

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At present the basic allowance for a ward councillor at TDC is £4,962. Senior councillors receive more and all can also claim mileage if travelling on council business.

Deputy leader Paul Honeywood added: “Over the last two years we have been cutting the amount Tendring council costs local taxpayers.”

“TDC currently has 60 councillors, many local people believe that we do not need that many – and we agree.”