Anti-social behaviour, access, and design concerns could derail pub renovation plans

The Kings Head Pub in Thetford. Picture: Sonya Duncan

The Kings Head Pub in Thetford. Picture: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

Plans to redevelop part of an historic town centre pub have seen issues raised by councillors and police.

The proposals to refurbish the Kings Head pub on White Hart Street in Thetford were recommended for refusal at a Thetford Town Council planning committee meeting on Tuesday night.

Norfolk police have highlighted potential issues surrounding anti-social behaviour and crime prevention.

Plans had been submitted to change the use of the pub to a residential development, with six flats and two houses built in the top floor of the pub and in the back yard, by developer Ruben Osie.

In the council meeting, councillors highlighted inconsistencies in the plans for the conversion, specifically in regards to the number of flats being proposed.

Robert Kybird, chairman of the planning committee, said: “It is potential over-development by creating the additional residential unit.

“Access is compromised for anything but coach and horses.”

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Councillor Jane James said the plans offered no access for future tenants or owners “unless the homeowners are proficient in levitation”.

Councillor Stuart Wright added: “We don’t want their waste bins stuck out on the street either, particularly on that street which is an historic street.

“The design is nothing special. It doesn’t give you too much character in keeping with the existing building.”

The architectural liaison and crime prevention officer for Norfolk Police said he was disappointed in the lack of detailed crime prevention measures in the plans.

He said: “Norfolk Constabulary has concerns with regards to potential anti-social behaviour caused by the public house affecting the local residents and would like to be informed as to how this is proposed to be minimalised, negated or managed.

“And what measures are going to be put in place to allow residents and the business to live and operate in cohesion with one another?”

He recommended the installation of formal CCTV cameras covering all the access points alongside measures to reduce anti-social behaviour and unlawful access to the block.

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