Third of seats in borough up for grabs

A THIRD of the 60 seats on Colchester Borough Council are up for election on May 6 – with both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats hoping for wins that would give them the chance to run the borough.

At present no one party has overall control of the council, with the Liberal Democrats leading a coalition with Labour and the Highwoods Community group to run the administration.

The Conservatives need to make a net gain of four seats to take control of the council, while the Liberal Democrats need to gain eight for an overall majority – which looks tough.

Because not all wards are up for election, this year the Conservatives are defending the largest number of seats – 12 out of the 20 that are up for election – so they are potentially most vulnerable to a strong performance by other parties.

But the most likely outcome seems to be a continuation of some kind of coalition.

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The candidates are – Berechurch: Andrew Bright (C), Colin Mudie (LD), Chris Pearson (Lab), Maria Iacovou, (G).

Birch and Winstree: Kevin Bentley*(C), Geraldine Westcott-Boyd (LD), James Spencer (Lab), Angela Livingstone (G).

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Castle: Lucy Craymer (C), Bill Frame (LD), Adam Fox (Lab), Peter Lynn (G).

Christ Church: Alan Drew (C), Nick Cope*(LD), Michael Donnachie (Lab), Alex Cave (G).

Fordham and Stour: Christopher Arnold*(C), Barry Woodward (LD), Barry Gilheany (Lab), Chris Mort (G).

Harbour: Grant Mitchell (C), Mary Blandon*(LD), Stephen Adshead (Lab), Stephen Ford (G).

Highwoods: Josh Woulfe (C), Ian Grimsey (LD), Janet Smith (Lab), Robbie Spence (G), Gerard Oxford*(Ind), Patrick Sullivan (BNP),

Lexden: Sonia Lewis*(C), Jo Hayes (LD), Audrey Spencer (Lab), Clare Palmer (G).

Mile End: Matthew Eaton (C), Scott Greenhill (LD), Ian Yates (Lab), Mary Bryan (G).

New Town: Mo Metcalf Fisher (C), Theresa Higgins*(LD), Rossanna Trudgian (Lab), Linda Wonnacott (G).

Prettygate: Sue Lissimore*(C), John Loxley (LD), Michael Dale (Lab), Peter Appleton (G).

Pyefleet: Terry Sutton*(C), James Raven (LD), Bob Fisher (Lab), Tobie Glenny (G).

Shrub End: Darius Laws (C), Lyn Barton*(LD), Paul Fryer-Kelsey (Lab), Walter Schwarz (G).

St Andrew’s: Daniel Ellis (C), Mark Warner (LD), Julie Young*(Lab), Beverley Maltby (G).

St Anne’s: Benjamin Caine (C), Mike Hogg*(LD), Bruce Tuxford (Lab), Sandra Moog (G).

St John’s: Andrew Tollick (C), Ray Gamble*(LD), Luke Dopson (Lab), David Traynier (G).

Stanway: Gaye Pyman*(C), Colin Sykes (LD), David Hough (Lab), Pamela Nelson (G).

Tiptree: John Elliott*(C), Jason Lower (LD), Robert Spademan (Lab), Katherine Bamforth (G).

West Bergholt: Dennis Willetts *(C), Kate Douglas (LD), Barbara Nichols (Lab), Roger Bamforth (G), John Gili-Ross (Ind).

West Mersea: John Jowers*(C), Jennifer Stevens (LD), John Wood (Lab), Chris Fox (G).

* indicates a sitting councillor seeking re-election

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