This little piggy...tried to run away!

IT was a bold bid for freedom - but a rare breed piglet is today back on the farm after his audacious attempt at escaping ended in failure.

IT was a bold bid for freedom - but a rare breed piglet is today back on the farm after his audacious attempt at escaping ended in failure.

The one-month-old Kune Kune piglet, named Trouble by his owners, had been taken to the vets along with nine of his brothers and cousins to be castrated.

The last to undergo the snip, Trouble was being retuned to the trailer to be taken back to Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm, near Needham Market, when he made a mad dash for independence and disappeared into the woods.

Richard Storer, a partner at Baylham House, said the little Kune Kune - a type of rare breed pig from New Zealand - was eventually lured back thanks to the patience of the vets and farm staff.

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Mr Storer said: “He ran off into about three acres of trees and undergrowth at the rear of the vets and vanished.

“In spite of an extensive search by the concerned staff at the vets there was no sign of Trouble and it proved impossible to penetrate what was effectively a wilderness.

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“Some traps were laid in the hope that he would come out to be caught and he was seen later in the evening, but he vanished back into the vegetation before he could be captured.”

Mr Storer said the next day the decision was made to try to coax back Trouble by placing his mother in a nearby pen, but a problem arose when it emerged that the mother was one of two possible sows.

Mr Storer said: “As there was some doubt as to which of two sows was his mother and as the piglets were still dependent on their mother's milk, the two sows and all Trouble's brothers, sisters and cousins were returned to the vet and put into the pen together.

“Everybody waited to see if the presence of all these other pigs would entice the escapee out of the wilderness.

“Late that evening a phone call from the vets to the farm informed us that the runaway was safely back in custody.”

The next morning the trailer was taken back to the vets in Stowmarket and all the piglets and their mothers were loaded up and returned home to Baylham House.

Trouble will now spend the summer at the farm with his siblings before being sold as a pet in the autumn.

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