Three Suffolk schools awarded for encouraging sustainable travel

Exning Primary School have become the first Suffolk school to receive the silver award by Modeshift STARS

Exning Primary School has become the first Suffolk school to receive the silver award by Modeshift STARS for its ongoing commitment and hard work. - Credit: Exning Primary School

Pupils from three Suffolk schools have been recognised for their efforts in encouraging active sustainable travel. 

Students at Great Barton Primary Academy and Stowupland High School have been awarded a bronze award by the Modeshift STARS accreditations. 

Exning Primary School, who received the bronze award back in 2019, have become the first primary school in Suffolk to receive a silver award. 

Great Barton Primary School encouraged road safety, by working with local councils to relocate and promote the puffin crossing near the school.

Great Barton Academy were awarded the bronze award for all their efforts

Great Barton Academy was awarded the bronze award for all their efforts. - Credit: Great Barton Primary Academy

Claire Ratley, headteacher at Great Barton Primary Academy, said: “The junior road safety officers are thrilled to have received the Modeshift Stars bronze award for all of their hard work."

Meanwhile, a group of sixth form students from Stowupland High School set up a walking bus to help build the confidence of Year 7 pupils walking to a new school. 

Peter Whear, headteacher at Stowupland High School, said: “As only the second high school in Suffolk to have been awarded such recognition, we were delighted to receive our official STARS Bronze accreditation."

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Exning Primary School, who received their silver accreditation for their ongoing hard work, promoted sustainable travel, road safety and improving air quality outside the school gates by running an anti-idling campaign.

Stowupland High School Headteacher Peter Whear with Chloe Finn who is the Sixth Form travel ambassador

Stowupland High School headteacher Peter Whear with Chloe Finn who is the Sixth Form travel ambassador - Credit: Stowupland High School

James Clark, headteacher at Exning Primary School, said: “At Exning Primary School, sustainability is at the heart of our ethos and our Junior Road Safety Team have persevered in their efforts to encourage people to make the right travel choices; both for their health and for our environment."

The Modeshift STARS Accreditation scheme encourages schools across England to implement their own travel plans to increase levels of sustainable and active travel in order to improve the health and well-being of children and young people.

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