Through the Lens: Capturing pirates is child’s play for Su Anderson

Year 5 pupils work on pirate related projects during Piper's Vale Primary Schools pirate week.

Year 5 pupils work on pirate related projects during Piper's Vale Primary Schools pirate week. - Credit: Archant

IN the build-up to Easter our photographers are dispatched to countless egg hunts, bonnet parades and craft session, testing their skills and ability to find a unique shot.

Through the lens

Through the lens - Credit: Archant

For Su Anderson, one Easter-themed job particularly stood out this year - one which involved her being cornered in a room full of excitable children.

“At an Easter bonanza last week I photographed several children having their faces painted, decorating biscuits, and playing in doors. A small group of children braved the cold chill and played outside at St Mary’s playgroup in Woodbridge.

“I was cornered in the main room surrounded by activity and I turned to see two little boys playing outside.

“There was no way I could get outside quick enough, so I turned, placed my lens against the glass and shot through it capturing the image and a split second later Jamie Cliff and Jude Hayward-Brackenbury, both four, had run off to play on the slide.

Tip - You have to shoot when the moment arises and not wait around for conditions to be perfect or else you may miss the shot. If you shoot through windows make sure you turn your flash off or else it will cause a massive reflection and ruin you photograph.

In a twist, Piper’s Vale Primary School went pirate crazy having an entire week filled with pirate activities. The week started with their head teacher being kidnapped by pirates and ended with every student donning their best pirate clothes.

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“In one of the Reception classes a hearty set of youngsters were singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat and I captured an image of the two-eyed pirate in a grimace befitting a proper pirate.”

Tip- When taking a photo in a large group try filling the frame with your subject and photograph using a long lens using a shallow depth of field to make your subject stand out.

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