Thursday, October 8

MIDLAND LEAGUEPeterborough 34 (Niels-Kristian Iversen 8)Wolverhampton 38 (Nicolai Klindt 8+1)Abandoned after 12 heats due curfew - Result STANDSCHALLENGEIpswich 56 (Scott Nicholls 13)Poole 37 (Hans Andersen 13)Bournemouth 60 (Jay Herne 12)U.


Peterborough 34 (Niels-Kristian Iversen 8)

Wolverhampton 38 (Nicolai Klindt 8+1)

Abandoned after 12 heats due curfew - Result STANDS

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Ipswich 56 (Scott Nicholls 13)

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Poole 37 (Hans Andersen 13)

Bournemouth 60 (Jay Herne 12)

U.S.A. Dream Team 31 (Eddie Castro 6+1)

TOP GUN HANDICAP, at Sheffield

1. Taylor Poole

2. Jade Mudgway

3. Ben Taylor

4. Jamie Courtney

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