Police to receive almost £5m in extra government funding for coming year

Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said he will spend taxpayer's money wisely as Suffolk Con

Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said he will spend taxpayer's money wisely as Suffolk Constabulary are set to receive millions in government funding Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

Police commissioner Tim Passmore has assured taxpayers he will spend their money wisely as police gain almost £5million in extra government funding for the forthcoming financial year.

The Home Office revealed final details of the funding settlement for 2020/2021 on Wednesday.

Suffolk stands to receive a total of £75.56m, made up of £44.25m in core funding (up £3.2m), £24.56m from the former Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) funding formula (up £1.6m), and £6.79m in legacy council tax grants - for forces that froze their share of council tax between 2011 and 2016.

Total funding available for the next financial year could rise to about £129m if Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Tim Passmore pursues a 4% increase in council tax precept.

The government said this year's settlement was the biggest increase in funding for the police in a decade and would enable forces to recruit the first 6,000 of an additional 20,000 officers (54 in Suffolk) by the end of March 2021.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said the government was delivering on the people's priorities, adding: "It will mean more officers tackling the crime blighting our streets, so people can feel safe in their communities.

"The police must now make full use of this significant investment to deliver for the public."

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PCCs have been flexibility to set the council tax referendum limit to £10 for a band D property.

Earlier this month, due to a delay in the funding settlement, caused by the general election, Mr Passmore was put in the "difficult position" of launching public consultation on an assumed 4% increase (£8.46 for a band D home).

It would follow 12.7% and 6.8% precept rises in previous years.

He said the increase would provide more investigators for the Operation Sentinel team - created from last year's precept increase to protect local communities and cross-border crime - while creating a second Serous Crime Disruption team, a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, a Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Scheme, and increase neighbourhood policing teams.

He added: "I can assure the taxpayers of Suffolk, we will be using the money wisely and focusing on reducing serious crime and catching more criminals."

Taxpayers wishing to give thoughts on the proposed increase can do still so here.