To Bulmer and beyond

Bulmer walk

Bulmer walk - Credit: Archant

Lotte Sherman takes a stroll near Sudbury

Route of the Bulmer walk

Route of the Bulmer walk - Credit: Archant

Bulmer itself is well known for its old brickworks, but this journey does not go past the site. You will walking along a lane right to the edge of Sudbury, a short stretch on the disused rail-bed, joining the Stour Valley Path (SVP) for a while, then veering off towards Home Wood and the Ryes. Ryes Lane brings walkers back to the main road and Church Road back to the start. The terrain is quite hilly, getting up to 85 metres from the water meadows!

Exit the car park to the road junction and make for Sandy Lane. Enjoy the peaceful path, ignoring the turn-offs on the left and, at the point where the lane forks, keep to the right. There is a lovely view over a lake, before continuing downhill. At the bottom, you pass a re-cycling depot – beware of traffic; turn left at the road junction and soon cross over to Brunden Lane. One side has a new business area, while on the right there is decay. Look out for the footpath sign at the end of the fence and follow its direction.

A kissing gate brings walkers into a meadow. Aim straight for the railway embankment and steps leading up to the top. Proceed along this popular route to the right; the railway used to run over the road leading up to Ballingdon Hill. Just over this rail-bridge turn to the right, down a ramp to Kone Vale, a wetland & woodland site. (See information board).

Shortly you emerge in a new housing development. Turn left on the road and locate Pinecroft Rise, leading off from the other side, by the border of a playground. At the top corner follow the direction of the fingerpost into a narrow path leading uphill. You are now walking on the SVP to the very top, where you need to leave it by the junction with a byway.

Go slightly to the right over a stile, diagonally over the field and emerge in a sunken lane. Notice the property of Rye’s Valley Farm Wildlife Trust on the left; it is currently closed because of Ash Dieback disease. The lane ends in a road by a letterbox. Continue to the right, along Ryes Lane, for approximately one km to the main road. Cross with caution to Church Road, which you may recognise as the turn-off to Bulmer. It is less than a km to the school on this relatively safe road; from this bend, where the houses finish on the left, you can walk along a path running behind the high hedge parallel to the road, which brings you back to the village hall and the start.

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