Top spot for Euro 2012 wallchart – the loo

Every two years my husband becomes enthused by international football.

Which is why we spent our Saturday looking for a Euro 2012 wallchart.

This is not the one that lists Eurozone countries seeded in order of likely withdrawal from the Euro. That one has Greece at the top of the list and Germany at the bottom.

We tracked a wallchart and Euro 2012 cards to a glossy magazine called Match of the Day. The chart is now in pride of place in the downstairs privy, a position formerly occupied by the much larger World Cup wallchart.

Though we are not huge football fans, both he and I suffer from the aftermath of 1966. For those too young to remember this hallowed year in the annals of football history – that’s pretty much everyone under 50 – 1966 was the year England won the World Cup.

I have a lifelong memory of the national exhilaration generated by that unique victory.

Even English men and women who don’t care much for the beautiful game still feel fuzzy and warm about 1966.

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Not for my husband the bunting, the England kit or any of the merchandising paraphernalia; for him it is all about the wallchart. The act of filling in the scores satisfies his inner statistician.

Mind you, I did find him opening his packet of cards. He got Scott Parker (Is he in Thunderbirds?), Stewart Downing, Sean St Ledger, Artem Milevskiy and Sami Khedira. Swapsies are invited.

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