Town’s church needs toilets

A CHURCH with a recorded history dating back as far as 970 is set to be brought up to date with modern conveniences.

St Gregory’s Church in Sudbury has a regular Sunday congregation of around 120 parishioners. It is also a popular venue for weddings and concerts, and funeral services for some of the town’s most high profile residents have taken place there.

But according to Rev Gregory Webb, the church has no toilet facilities, which means older congregation members have to walk several hundred yards to nearby Walnuttree Hospital if they need a comfort break. The situation has been worsened by the announcement that the hospital will close after the new Church Field Road health centre opens in 2014.

Rev. Webb added: “St Gregory’s is very much a community church which is there for the town, but it is an historic building and we need to make sure it’s in a fit state for the 21st century.”

St Gregory’s supporter Lord Andrew Phillips, said making changes to such an ancient building would not be straightforward, adding: “It is a headache to know how to do it in a sensitive and economical way. Wherever you put toilets is going to have drawbacks in terms of the aesthetics, and so many different organisations need to be consulted.” No formal application has been submitted, but the current proposal is to build the toilets at the base of the church tower, along with a kitchenette.

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