Huge search for toy poodle called Jet, missing in the snow for 22 hours

Jet, an 11-year-old toy poodle, has been missing in the snow for more than 22 hours. 

Jet, an 11-year-old toy poodle, has been missing in the snow for more than 22 hours. - Credit: Romea Cafasso

A search party is underway in Ardleigh to try and find a missing toy poodle named Jet, who was last seen more than 22 hours ago after Storm Darcy hit. 

Jet, an 11-year-old toy poodle, was last seen at 11.30am on Sunday morning, less than a minute away from her home in Colchester Road, Ardleigh.

Owner Romea Cafasso said they had been out walking in the snow and building snowmen when the black toy poodle went missing in the communal gardens near the village church.  

Search parties have been out overnight, scouring the village as well as parts of Dedham and Lawford, but Jet has still not been found and conditions are becoming worse. 

Ms Cafasso said: "She is wearing a bright red coat and she is very small, so she looks like a puppy, but she is actually 11 years old. 

"We are really worried about her being out all night in the snow as it's freezing. We have checked everywhere."

Ms Cafasso said Jet responds to her name and is very friendly, and she is asking people to keep an eye out for her on their daily walks. 

She said: "We are overwhelmed by how many people have been out looking for Jet, with friends out at midnight in the snow to try and help us find her.

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"We can't thank Emma Thrower enough for getting the word out on Facebook and for all her help. We have received so many messages and just want to bring her home."

Ms Cafasso said Jet is a "survivor", having run off five years ago when they first got her and being found a few days later. 

However, the freezing conditions are worrying the family and the snow is set to continue. 

Jet also hasn't eaten since 11am yesterday, so they are desperate to get her home safely. 

If you find Jet, please get in touch here.

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