Tractor journey gets Suffolk surgery staff to work despite snow

Zoe Fordham arrives at surgery

Zoe Fordham arrived safely to work at Framlingham Surgery thanks to tractor driver John Larter. - Credit: Zoe Fordham/Framlingham Medical Practice

Framlingham doctors' surgery was able to carry on working as normal thanks to a local plant contractor who was able to ferry in vital staff on his tractor after local roads were blocked.

John Larter runs Plant Larter from his farm on the edge of the town - and his wife Julie works at Framlingham surgery.

After running her into work on Monday, Mr Larter then drove to Sweffling to pick up Zoe Fordham who works in the surgery's pharmacy to ensure it could offer a full range of services.

Mrs Fordham's husband David said: "We weren't able to get out of here so we thought Zoe might not be able to make it in. But John turned up with his tractor and got her to work as normal. It was just as well - they were very busy there on Monday."

Mr Larter insisted he was no hero: "I've got the plant sitting here and there's not much else to do at the moment!" He said.

"There are some of the other people who work at the surgery who live in small villages around here who would also be cut off so it was very important for them that we were able to get Zoe and Julie in."

While he was providing an unconventional taxi service, his son Ben was helping to shift some of the snow off the roads in the area - and by Tuesday lunchtime their efforts appeared to be paying off.

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Mr Larter said: "That's starting to clear a bit now - I don't thing David will have any problems getting to Fram to to pick up Zoe this afternoon - but we're still here if it comes back."

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