Delays on Orwell Bridge near Ipswich

One lane of the westbound A14 across the Orwell Bridge is closed due to flooding. Stock image Pictur

Motorists have formed queues at the Orwell Bridge near Ipswich - Credit: Gregg Brown

Lengthy queues formed on the Orwell Bridge just outside of Ipswich ahead of rush hour.

Traffic cameras pictured vehicles at a standstill at junctions 56 and 57 on the A14.

According to the AA Traffic Map, motorists queued as far back as the interchange for the A12 on the westbound carriageway.

Traffic has built up ahead of the Orwell Bridge

Traffic has built up ahead of the Orwell Bridge - Credit: Highways England

By 6pm, the traffic had passed and vehicles were no longer queueing.

A spokesman for Suffolk police confirmed that officers were at the scene to recover a broken down vehicle.

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