New resident bays among ideas to solve parking issues

John Last

Leiston Town Council chairman John Last. Picture: JOHN LAST - Credit: JOHN LAST

Councillors will be seeking a resolution to parking issues in residential streets when they meet with county highways officials. 

Leiston Town Council’s highways committee will be discussing the possibility of installing new residents parking bays in Seaward Avenue and looking at the parking situation in Old Foundry Place. 

The council’s chairman John Last said in Seaward Avenue there were many homes built during the 1950s that did not have sufficient parking facilities to meet modern demands, with most households now having two cars. 

Therefore, at tomorrow's meeting, the council would be considering whether to install another four or five parking bays, while making junctions safer. 

In Old Foundry Place, many of the cars belonged to shoppers visiting the town centre and Mr Last said there was a problem with different line markings, with double yellow lines in some places and single yellows in others. 

The council is also taking forward its own transport strategy that includes proposals for reducing the traffic impact on the town and promote cycling and cycle route.