Crashes at 'blackspot' A12 junction shows 'something needs to be done'

Residents are concerned over the safety of the A12 junction at Saxmundham 

Residents are concerned over the safety of the A12 junction at Saxmundham - Credit: Google Maps

Crashes at an A12 junction previously labelled as a "blackspot" show that "something needs to be done" to improve safety, residents have said. 

Resident Hadyn Morris said the problem with the junction at Saxmundham is that which drivers get priority changed a few years ago. 

Normally, traffic from a major road would take priority over a minor road.   

But vehicles travelling north-bound turning into Saxmundham need to give way to those coming out of the town. 

Vehicles travelling out of Saxmundham, need to give-way to those travelling southbound. 

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Mr Morris said many drivers had been left confused as to who has right of way. 

"The road signage is inadequate and the road markings are confusing," he said.   

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"You have to go by road markings, but both sides of the road have those double dotted white lines which just causes confusion.  

"People just take a risk, they pull out and cause an accident."    

He also criticised poor visibility at the junction. 

“My personal feeling is that the speed limit needs reducing," he said.  

"Something needs to be done otherwise there will be more accidents where people are seriously injured or sadly killed.”  

Jeremy Smith, chairman of the Saxmundham Town Council, said the survey provided a unique insight int

Jeremy Smith said that the council would be looking again at the junction - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Jeremy Smith, chairman of Saxmundham Town Council, said the junction could get worse in coming years because of proposed developments like the Saxmundham Garden Neighbourhood which would see 700 new homes in the area.  

“It’s going to be an important junction for the future,” he said.  

Mr Smith said that measures such as reduced speed limits and a roundabout should be considered for the area considering the proposed increases in traffic the development and the proposed Sizewell C could bring to the area.  

“I think we will be looking at this later this year,” he said.  

A spokesman for Suffolk Highways said: “The road layout was amended a few years ago following concerns from Saxmundham Town Council about the previous layout.   

“The new layout fully complies with current government design standards and was approved, following an independent safety audit.   

“Suffolk County Council continues to monitor this junction and may review it further if additional housing development in this area is progressed.” 

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