Why should a shipping agency focus on personal service?

Cory Brothers Maersk cargo shipment in Ipswich

Clients require bespoke shipping solutions to help manage voyages, international journeys and attend to crew members' needs. - Credit: Cory Brothers

Ipswich-based Cory Brothers is a renowned logistics and maritime service provider, focusing on offering a range of solutions for shipping requirements. 

The company, which has just announced a joint venture with the Vertom Agencies group in the Netherlands, offers worldwide services for shipping, ships and cargo movers. 

Peter Wilson, Group Managing Director of Cory Brothers Shipping Agency, considers the shipping and port agency side of the business and discusses its emphasis on personal service. 

Q: What is a shipping agency?

Shipping agents tend to the port arrivals and departure needs, and other requirements, of vessels. This might include any legalities and declarations, such as the work required to ensure customs clearance.

Peter Wilson, managing director of Cory Brothers Shipping Agency

Peter Wilson is Group Managing Director at Cory Brothers Shipping Agency. - Credit: Cory Brothers

Our team, for example, is very experienced at dealing with all the essential but very time-consuming documentation relating to oil, gas and chemical cargoes. Because of this, clearing customs becomes a much smoother process for the customer.

A shipping agent will also tend to any needs of the crew. As a company, Cory Brothers has been trading since 1842 and offering a ship’s agency service for over 150 years.

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Q: Why is personal service such an important consideration when choosing a shipping agency?

Shipping agency investments in green renewable eenrgy

Cory Brothers provide a comprehensive range of services for shipowners, charterers and traders around the world. - Credit: Cory Brothers

Each customer is different and requires detailed care and attention. As such, it is vital to have knowledgeable experts who can ensure the desired results for everyone.

Having good relationships with the companies we are working for is essential. It is also very important to have staff who understand that personal service is important when you are dealing with individuals. The personal care an agent provides for a crew is always especially important – in fact, looking after the people onboard comes first and foremost. It is always above everything else.

Q: Which customers benefit from employing an agency that focuses on personal service?

All our customers understand the importance of personal care. Cory Brothers’ strength lies in its deep understanding of voyage management and client requirements.

This comes from our long experience in working daily with voyage operators, local agents, and the port community to provide client-specific and bespoke service to each of our customers. After all, a client that chooses this level of care, combined with the vast experience that we have, can have faith, comfort and trust in the fact that they are in the best possible hands.

Q: In which areas is it important to go the extra mile as a shipping agent?

Cory Brothers liner agency in Ipswich

''We provide representation, marketing and sales support for ship operators within the UK, as well as local, operational services to suppliers, cargo owners and forwarders.' - Credit: Cory Brothers

For us, it is all about the care, communication, forward planning and detail. This is all achieved quietly, efficiently, professionally, and with no fuss. Our team ensures that everything, from essential supplies, crew transfers, customs documentation and waste declarations, is all arranged seamlessly and as quickly as possible.

The team ensures the customer is kept informed with regular updates and reports. As members of the ISB, we also align with their motto: Our word is our bond. 

Q: What else is it important for a shipping agency to offer?

We expect growing demand for this service as Europe and the world moves towards greener energy. Naturally, we support and invest in all types of energy with a focus on the future. Our team will oversee everything to do with shipment tracking and ship to ship transfers (STS).

There is a growing need for STS operations – the transfer of cargo between ships positioned alongside each other – in the current oil market. To best support this, we have provided a single point of contact facility for all our customers’ STS requirements. This is supported by leading-edge technology, including web-based operations and accounting systems, which can be accessed 24 hours a day. 

For more information visit www.corybrothers.com or email agency@corybrothers.com