20mph Woodbridge traffic zone plans to be finalised in coming weeks


Plans to create a 20mph zone in Woodbridge could soon become a reality - Credit: Charlotte Bond

The official designs for a long-awaited 20mph zone in Woodbridge could be finalised in the near future after years of delays.

The scheme would see the speed limit reduced in many places due to concerns about roads becoming 'rat runs' and over the safety of school children.

Suffolk County councillor Caroline Page has been a driving force behind the idea, along with Woodbridge Town Council, and she now says the plans are moving forward.

Caroline Page

Suffolk County councillor for Woodbridge Caroline Page - Credit: Archant

The scheme aims to bring improvements in safety for residents and visitors, deter unwanted through traffic, improve air quality and provide better routes for HGVs requiring access.

Traffic calming outside the Riverside Theatre also aims to better link the town with the waterfront.

Last year this paper reported that works could be completed in 2023 although some elements could be finished sooner.

"There was a pattern of perfectly ridiculous hold-ups," said councillor Page, and that asking how long it will take is akin to asking "how long is a bit of string?"

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Councillor Page has saved up years of her highway budget in order to produce official designs.

She said: "We obviously haven't got unlimited money, but we are very, very keen to see this happen for a number of reasons.

"I am hoping that it will discourage parents from dropping parents unnecessarily at school and will encourage children to walk to school.

"It is a top priority in the minds of the town and we are very happy that both the district and the county have declared climate emergencies and are very much behind it."

When the official designs have been produced there are likely to be some negotiations, as the council don't know what the highways team will suggest or how much of what is suggested is affordable.

Last year families in Woodbridge launched a petition calling on the county council to reduce speed limits in Burkitt Road to prevent someone from potentially getting hurt.

Hundreds of people signed the petition, which specifically called for the road to be made a 20mph zone, with visible 20mph signs.