Tragic victim's family hits out

THE brother of a radiologist stabbed to death by her husband – who then jumped from a 160ft bridge with their young son – hit out last night at the killer's family.

THE brother of a radiologist stabbed to death by her husband – who then jumped from a 160ft bridge with their young son – hit out last night at the killer's family.

Ashok Damera's sister Anupama died in the triple tragedy when her husband Dr Jaya Prakash Chiti, 41, stabbed her and then plunged from the Orwell Bridge, near Ipswich, with his son Pranau.

An inquest on Wednesday heard how Mr Chiti may have been concerned about the relationship between his 36-year-old wife and a former colleague, Dr William Dunn – fuelled by emails he found between the two.

But Mr Damera has now hit back at comments made following the inquest by Mr Chiti's brother, Surya Prakash Rao Chiti .

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In a statement on behalf of the Chiti family, he suggested there should have been a paternity test on Pranau Chiti.

He also said it remained unclear who caused injuries found on Mr Chiti – suggesting a third party may have been involved.

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But Mr Damera hit back yesterday: "At the inquest they [Mr Chiti's family] sought to establish through cross-examination of Det Supt Roy Lambert that a third party was involved, implying that a third party, not Jaya, had killed my sister and then taken Jaya and Pranau to the Orwell Bridge and cast them off.

"This ludicrous theory was rejected by Det Supt Lambert and the inquest found that all the deaths were caused by Jaya.

"Next they released the emails seeking to establish that Anu had an affair with Dr Dunn. It is not known for sure whether there was, in fact, an affair, or whether it played any part in the deaths.

"Now they suggest that there is doubt about Pranau's paternity and call for DNA tests. At the inquest, Jaya's cousin gave evidence on behalf of his family. He spoke of the family's conversations with Jaya in India when Jaya had possession of the emails between Dr Dunn and Anu. He never suggested that Jaya has said or indicated he had any doubts as to Pranau's paternity, and there's no reason to believe that he did."

The tragedy unfolded on February 1 after the bodies of Mr Chiti and Pranau were found at the foot of the Orwell Bridge.

Police then searched the family home in Seckford Close, Rushmere St Andrew, and found the body of Anupama, a consultant radiologist at Ipswich Hospital, with fatal stab wounds.

Two bloodstained knives and copies of email correspondence between Mrs Chiti and Dr Dunn, a radiologist at the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham where she used to work as a breast cancer specialist, were found nearby.

The couple's 11-year-old son Ani was discovered unharmed and asleep in another room.

Mr Damera, who is now Ani's guardian, added: "Presumably, they [Mr Chiti's family] are seeking to establish that these were crimes of passion. However, we heard at the inquest there was evidence of premeditation.

"I have no doubt that it was a very violent premeditated cold-blooded killing.

"I believe what happened was caused by Jaya's inability to accept the failure associated with separation and divorce. I further believe he placed the emails by my sister's body to give the impression they were his motive for her murder. However, I accept this is speculation and no-one will ever know what really happened."

A statement released by the Chiti family had called for a number of further investigations to be carried out.

It said: "It is our desire that the entire truth in regard to manner and reasons of their tragic death and motive should come out."

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