Travel update: Fog proving hazardous on roads

FREEZING fog lingering in parts of the county is posing a potential hazard to motorists this morning, police have said.

After the thaw over the weekend saw much of the snow disappear, cold temperatures have remained with thick fog in places.

A Suffolk police spokesman said while there have been no major accidents on the roads in the early hours, the fog could be dangerous.

He urged motorists to take care, keeping their distance from cars in front and to drive with fog lights on where needed.

Meanwhile with no major delays reported on the railways, train passengers are facing a trouble-free journey into work this morning.

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Forecasters at Weather Quest said fog would stick around in places, but otherwise it will be a dry day with hazy sunshine.

It is expected to cloud over later in the afternoon and temperatures will stay cold, at around 1C.

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Overnight the mercury will drop to around -2C with a sharp frost and the potential for patches of freezing fog.

Tomorrow is looking like a cold and breezy day with bursts of bright sunshine and temperatures creeping up to around 3C.

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