Travellers set up camp in forest

TRAVELLERS who have taken up camp in a Suffolk forest have been asked to leave.

Anthony Bond

TRAVELLERS who have taken up camp in a Suffolk forest have been asked to leave.

A large number of vehicles have moved into Rendlesham Forest, near Woodbridge, recently which has led to a number of complaints.

Douglas Remraf, 50, from Ipswich, was walking his dog along the forest's 'red-route' with his partner at about 1pm on Sunday when he came across the travellers. He said there was between 15 and 20 vehicles and caravans - including one large ex-removal lorry. He was also approached by two men from the camp who he said appeared to have been drinking.

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“These people give travellers a bad name,” said Mr Remraf. “They are intimidating because you cannot avoid them, if you are cycling or walking you have got to walk straight through the middle of them and it is not that far from the cycle and picnic area.

“If they were just normal travellers there for a few days and going to take their rubbish with them and not leave marks on the landscape then okay, but I do not think they will clean it up when they go, if they go. These people are abusing the Forestry Commission and there is rubbish everywhere and a big mound of tyres.

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“People will see them and will not go back until they have gone.”

A spokesman for the Forestry Commission said: “We are aware of what is going on. Local officers have been and spoken to the people that are there and asked them to leave. If people have got any concerns they should let us know, the police have been made aware of their presence as well.”

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