Storm Gareth causes footpath to be blocked by a tree

Fallen tree in Sudbury Picture: COMMUNITY WARDENS

Fallen tree in Sudbury Picture: COMMUNITY WARDENS - Credit: Archant

Community wardens in Sudbury have been working closely with Suffolk Highways today to keep roads and footpaths safe for the public.

The team has only come across one fallen tree so far, which was located on Waldringfield Road.

The tree was blocking off the footpath of the road at around 8am this morning.

Bradley Smith, supervisor of the community warden team, said: “Your first point of call if you find a fallen tree is to always report it to Suffolk Highways.

“But in this instance we happened to come across the tree and were able to sort it in 10minutes. There is no point in us reporting it when we can just do it ourselves, it is all about having a proactive attitude.”

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Shortly after unblocking the footpath, the community wardens tweeted: “One tree dealt with by our team in Sudbury on Waldingfield Road near to McDonald’s roundabout. One off your list @Suffolk_highways.”

Suffolk Highways was grateful for the help and replied: “Thank you @Communitywarden for your assistance! Can you keep us posted on your teams activities throughout the day?”

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Bradley Smith, added: “The Suffolk Highways are a great team to work with they are a A*.”

Members of the public are instructed to call 0345 606 6171 to report any trees that have fallen or are threatening the highway.

Storm Gareth has caused 60mph winds in Suffolk today which has resulted in the closure of the Orwell Bridge.

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A number of parks around Suffolk have also been closed today including Belle Vue Park in Sudbury.

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