Trimley: Couple have horror journey aboard stricken cruise ship

A SUFFOLK couple say they were left angry and disturbed after the engine of a ship they were travelling on exploded.

The MSC Opera had to be towed to safety on May 15 after the incident.

Stanley Palmer, from Trimley, was on board the ship with his wife Christine and said he felt they could have been kept better informed of the ship’s problems.

He said: “The explosion was heard throughout the ship - there was a big bang and then everything just stopped.

“Most people were calm but we all wanted to know what was going on - there was a fire and burning smell, and smoke coming through vents.

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“I didn’t think we were informed properly about what was going on - the only thing we were told was that it was a technical fault.

“It was the worst trip I have ever had to take.”

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Mr Palmer said he had been disappointed at a number of aspects of the cruise. He claimed a cabin toilet was not working, and said he had been unimpressed by the food on board.

After the explosion on Friday the captain attempted to continue the journey which failed - leaving the ship stranded with no power.

Tugs were then used to tow the vessel towards Visby where it was due to dock yesterday morning - MSC said the ship was diverted to the port of Nynamshamn in Sweden.

MSC could not clarify the situation but said there were technical problems to an electrical panel.

They said: “Not being able to offer to its guests the usual standards of service, MSC is organising the repatriation of all guests from Stockholm.”

Mr and Mrs Palmer arrived back in Trimley in the early hours of yesterday morning following the trip which had 2000 people on board.

Passengers have been given a credit voucher for the full amount paid.

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