Trophy joy but Buster can't sleep

King's Lynn 58, Edinburgh 38 (Lynn won 99-92 on aggregate)KING'S Lynn chief Buster Chapman admitted his grand slam hunters are giving him sleepless nights after re-capturing the Premier Trophy.

King's Lynn 58, Edinburgh 38

(Lynn won 99-92 on aggregate)

KING'S Lynn chief Buster Chapman admitted his grand slam hunters are giving him sleepless nights after re-capturing the Premier Trophy.

Darcy Ward reeled in Edinburgh's top gun Ryan Fisher in the finale to clinch the club's second piece of seasonal silverware following last week's title success.

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Rob Lyon's outfit had moved within one point of wiping out Edinburgh's first leg lead four heats into the contest but Edinburgh's tactical prowess pushed Lynn to the limit.

The inspirational Linus Eklof and Emiliano Sanchez nudged the hosts ahead for the first time in the tie at half way but German raider Kevin Wolbert responded with another double points foray.

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The Premier League's top two then traded shared heats until Ward rocketed off the final bend in heat 15 to dethrone the holders.

Lyon punched the air in delight before Lynn's team boss was drenched in champagne by his charges on the inner track while Ward took off on an impromptu lap of honour with the gleaming trophy.

“It doesn't matter how many trophies we've won in the past, I still get such a buzz,” said Chapman.

“It's the same for Rob. We never tire of these sort of nights because everything we do is geared towards making the club do well. The nerves are shocking. Neither of us slept the night before and we've had bad stomachs all day with the tension but this is awesome.

“Looking around and seeing the scenes at the end with the riders and the fans celebrating - that is what it's all about. We don't do it for anything else but the love of it.

“Of course it's a business to us but the day I stop enjoying this is the day I'll stop doing it.”

Chapman admitted his men had to pull out all the stops to overhaul Edinburgh's imposing 13-point first leg lead.

“It was a fantastic effort because I felt we were up against it,” he said. “They had strengthened up with Andrew Tully coming into the side which, in my eyes, should not have been allowed but it was passed by the governing body. We just had to get on with it but I felt coming to the track it was going to be tough and go right down to the last race.

“They have some good riders and I'm just so pleased we have won it for all the people who work so hard here.

“Maybe the fact we've won so many trophies in the past means people almost expect it of us when we get to these finals. Believe me, you need lady luck on your side.

“We know we are capable and good enough to win everything but sometimes that isn't enough. No one had any bad luck or break downs so I think over the two legs we proved we were the best side.”

Chapman is now ultra confident Lynn can complete the clean sweep ahead of next week's Premier League KO Cup semi-final showdown with Scunthorpe for the right to meet Edinburgh.

“Yes, I think we can win the third one,” he said. “We're certainly good enough and everyone knows we are a strong unit. When someone is not producing, someone else steps up. Look at what Linus has done over these two legs. I can't honestly believe it. He has just come on a bundle and that is good for next year.”

Eklof's heat eight flag drew Lynn level on the aggregates before Sanchez pounced after Michael Rajkowski veered towards the fence exiting turn four to nudge Lynn in front.

Tomas Topinka finally lowered Fisher's colours in heat 11 - the Czech using all of his Saddlebow trackcraft to glide across the American into a tight turn one.

Ward oozed class after the interval in a pivotal heat 13 head-to-head with Edinburgh's top two - reducing Wolbert and Fisher to rank novices in a thrilling sub 60 second tour.

Topinka and Ward only needed to trundle around in the finale to guarantee victory but, ever the showman, Ward catapulted off the final bend to spark another Saddlebow party.

King's Lynn

1 Darcy Ward - 2, 2, 3, 3, 3 = 13

3 Emiliano Sanchez - 2', 2, 3, 2, 2 = 11+1

4 Chris Schramm - 3, 1', 1', 2 = 7+2

5 Tomas Topinka - 3, 2', 3, 0, 1 = 9+1

6 Linus Ekl�f - 3, 2', 3, 2', 2', 1', 1' = 14+5

7 Jan Graversen - 1', 2', 1, 0 = 4+3


1 Ryan Fisher - 3, 6!, 2, 1', 2 = 14+1

2 Michal Rajkowski - 0, 0, 0, 1 = 1

3 Andrew Tully - 0, 1, 0, 3 = 4

4 Matthew Wethers - 1, 0, 1, 3 = 5

5 Kevin W�lbert - 1, 3, 6!, 2, 0 = 12

6 Byron Bekker - 0, 0, 0 = 0

7 Aaron Summers - 1, 0, 1, 0, 0 = 2

Heat 1: Fisher, Ward, Graversen, Rajkowski 60.23 secs, 3-3 (3-3)

Ht 2: Eklof, Graversen, Summers, Bekker 60.77s 5-1 (8-4)

Ht 3: Schramm, Sanchez, Wethers, Tully (ret) 5-1 (13-5)

Ht 4: Topinka, Eklof, Wolbert, Summers 60.63s 5-1 18-6

Ht 5: FISHER, Sanchez, Schramm, Rajkowski (ret) 61.41s 3-6 (21-12)

Ht 6: Wolbert, Ward, Graversen, Bekker 60.06s 3-3 (24-15)

Ht 7: Eklof, Topinka, Tully, Wethers 60.77 5-1 (29-16)

Ht 8: Sanchez, Eklof, Summers, Rajkowski (ret) 60.73s 5-1 (34-17)

Ht 9: WOLBERT, Sanchez, Schramm, Bekker 60.46 3-6 (37-23)

Ht 10: Ward, Eklof, Wethers, Tully 60.31s 5-1 (42-24)

Ht 11: Topinka, Fisher, Rajkowski, Graversen 60.56s 3-3 (45-27)

Ht 12: Tully, Sanchez, Eklof, Summers 60.13s 3-3 (48-30)

Ht 13: Ward, Wolbert, Fisher, Topinka 59.55s 3-3 (51-33)

Ht 14: Wethers, Schramm, Eklof, Summers 60.72s 3-3 (54-36)

Ht 15: Ward, Fisher, Topinka, Wolbert 50.43 4-2 (58-38)

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