Trouserless drunk was lying in street

IPSWICH: A trouserless drunk who lay down in the road, obstructed a bus, flailed at passers-by and hurled abuse at police is remanded in custody today.

Daniel Palmer, of Lacey Street, Ipswich, admitted two breaches of his anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) when he appeared at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court. He is now awaiting sentencing.

The 28-year-old’s latest breach happened on Tuesday when members of the public told police he had begun to shed his clothes, before taking off his trousers and laying down in the road.

Palmer’s previous breach occurred on September 4 when he admitted he was under the influence of alcohol contrary to the conditions of his Asbo.

On Tuesday he had been seen consuming alcohol in public before causing the commotion which was reported to have begun around 2.10pm.

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Police have said they were called to Old Foundry Road just after 2.20pm to reports of a man who had taken his trousers off and was shouting and thrashing his arms at members of the public.

Officers turned up to find Palmer drunk and laying in the road.

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He could barely stand and was abusive to the officers.

It is understood at least some of the incident was captured on closed circuit television.

At one point Palmer was said to have obstructed a bus by laying down in front of it.

Police eventually arrested Palmer around 15 minutes after their arrival and took him to Ipswich police station.When he appeared in South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court he also pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour, as well as the two Asbo breaches.

Palmer was remanded into custody until a date could be fixed for his sentencing for the Asbo matters at Ipswich Crown Court. He received a �50 fine for threatening behaviour and was ordered to pay a �15 victim surcharge.

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