Would you try any of these money-saving ideas?

As more of us feel the cost of living squeeze we're coming up with increasingly inventive ways to sa

As more of us feel the cost of living squeeze we're coming up with increasingly inventive ways to save money, a Carphone Warehouse survey reveals. Photo: Thinkstock. - Credit: PA

Sometimes it can be hard to think of new ways of saving money.

I’ve been attempting to live more thriftily for a few years now, both to cut costs and tread a little more lightly on the Earth. In that time I’ve embraced charity shop buying, no spend days, growing my own, making newspaper ‘brickettes’, mending, sewing, reusing, recycling, voucher offers, shopping around and not shopping at all.

It can be an exhausting business. So when others have good ideas that I haven’t thought of myself, I view it as a bonus.

And with more and more people feeling the cost of living squeeze it seems we are getting increasingly inventive when it comes to being thrifty.

A new survey of 5,000 people by Carphone Warehouse reveals more about the lengths people will go to in order to save money. Some, such as taking your own bags to the supermarket (is there anyone who doesn’t?), are fairly standard but others are more unusual. Here’s a selection of some of the ones that caught my attention because I might want to try them - or because I definitely don’t. I’ll leave you to work out which is which...

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1. Save water by not flushing the toilet every time (25% of people surveyed said they did this, although it may be one to check with your family or house-mates before adopting).

2. Become your own hairdresser to give yourself a DIY haircut (23%).

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3. Drink only tap water when eating out (20%).

4. Charge your phone or laptop at work (20% did this, but be careful, it could land you in trouble with the boss).

5. Share bath water (13%).

6. Stockpile free condiments from restaurants (11%). I’ve also done this with freebie soaps/shower gels in hotels.

7. Brew your own beer or wine (7%).

8. Water down drinks such as juice or milk (7%).

9. Ask shop assistants for discounts on damaged goods (4%). Good negotiation skills can go a long way when it comes to saving money.

10. Watch TV with the lights off (2%).

Have you got any others to add to the list? Email sheena.grant@archant.co.uk.

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