Two men jailed for burglaries in Suffolk and Norfolk

Lee Heane, 27, of Leicester, who was jailed for seven years

Lee Heane, 27, of Leicester, who was jailed for seven years - Credit: Archant

Two men who committed more than 50 burglaries at homes across seven counties including Suffolk and Norfolk have been given jail sentences totalling 13 years.

Matthew Bryan, 25, of Leicester, who was jailed for six years

Matthew Bryan, 25, of Leicester, who was jailed for six years - Credit: Archant

During the raids, which were usually carried out during the day while the owners were out, the men stole jewellery worth more than £47,000 and £1,800 cash, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Before the court were Matthew Bryan, 25, and Lee Heane, 27, both of Leicester, who admitted conspiracy to burgle.

Heane also admitted possessing three firearms and ammunition.

Bryan asked for seven offences to be taken into consideration and was jailed for six years and Heane asked for 11 offences to be considered and was jailed for seven years.

The charges relate to burglaries committed in Norfolk, Suffolk, Staffordshire, Hampshire, Kent, Cheshire and Sussex between November 2016 and February 2017.

Three of the burglaries took place in Suffolk and four were in Norfolk.

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The Suffolk burglaries, which took place in November and December last year, were in Hadleigh, where jewellery worth £800 and cash was stolen as well as three shotguns and cartridges; Trinity Gild, Lavenham, where £700 worth of jewellery was stolen, and Manor Garth, Pakenham, where £130 cash was stolen.

The Norfolk burglaries, which all took place in December last year, were at Nunnery Drive, Thetford, where jewellery and £500 cash were stolen; Redgate, Thetford, where jewellery was stolen; Hardingham Street, Hingham, where power tools were stolen and Folgate Close, Costessey, when jewellery was stolen.

Sentencing the men Judge David Goodin said some of the items of jewellery stolen were of great sentimental value.

Michael Crimp, prosecuting, said a crashed and abandoned Jaguar owned by Bryan was found by police in December 2016 and DNA in blood in the car matched Heane.

The shotguns and cartridges stolen in the burglary in Hadleigh and power tools stolen during the burglary in Hingham were found in the car.

The defendants were arrested as a result of a police investigation called “Operation Vivaldi” during which officers linked them to the burglaries through cell site, CCTV and DNA evidence.

Joanne Eley, for Heane, said her client was remorseful and had no intention of using the guns stolen during the Hadleigh burglary.

Kitty Geddes, for Bryan, said most of the burglaries happened during the day while the owners were out.

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