WATCH: Two fluffy panda cubs are born at Colchester Zoo

Iniya the sweet red panda cub was a firm favourite with zoo visitors before she left earlier this ye

Iniya the sweet red panda cub was a firm favourite with zoo visitors before she left earlier this year. Picture: COLCHESTER ZOO - Credit: Iniya the sweet red panda cub wa

Zookeepers have announced the exciting arrival of two adorable red panda cubs.

The birth of the two cubs on Tuesday, June 18 was mum Liwei's third successful litter with male panda An An.

The cubs, which have not yet been named, are yet to open their eyes and have not emerged from their nest - but are getting on well with Liwei who is being very attentive with her newborns.

The animal care team had noticed that Liwei had been spending more time in her nest box on Monday, June 17, so knew that the cubs arrival was imminent.

When they arrived the next day they were delighted to find two little fluffy red cubs snuggled up together.

It will be around another 10 weeks until the little ones start exploring their home - but zookeepers are certain they will be a big hit when they are ready to be seen by the public.

Red pandas are classified as endangered on the ICUN Red List - so it is really important that Liwei and An An are such a successful breeding pair.

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Their last cub, Iniya, left the zoo earlier this year to live at Thrigby Hall in Yarmouth and one of Liwei's 2013 cubs went to Wingham Wildlife Park in 2014 where she successfully bred, giving birth to twin males.

The zookeepers will be updating fans as they continue to grow healthy and strong - announcing when they will be around to be spotted by the public.

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