UK/East Anglia: Police launch murder inquiry after giving up hope of finding April Jones alive

POLICE investigating the abduction of April Jones have launched a murder inquiry after giving up hope of finding her alive.

Det Supt Reg Bevan said they had now arrested the main suspect Mark Bridger on suspicion of her murder.

Supt Ian John called on the hundreds of volunteers to stand down and leave to trained officers as the hunt moved away from a rescue mission to one of finding her body.

Police have already called in dogs trained to locate dead bodies around the area of Machynlleth, Powys, where the five-year-old went missing on Monday.

Officers have until 5pm tonight to either charge Mr Bridger or let him go.

Kevin Waterson, search manager of the East Anglian branch of the National Search and Rescue Dog Association said a team of 15 people and seven dogs are still on standby to make the five hour trip to Wales.