Schools provider calls on parents to help pupils to keep learning away from classrooms

The Bridge School is one of those run by Unity Schools Picture: GREGG BROWN

The Bridge School is one of those run by Unity Schools Picture: GREGG BROWN

A schools provider has called on parents to keep up pupils’ learning routines once schools have closed.

Unity Schools which runs a number of schools across Suffolk and Essex, including Felixstowe Academy and the Bridge School in Ipswich, has asked parents to ensure pupils continue to focus on learning while they are away.

The Government announced on Wednesday that the vast majority pupils would be not be returning to schools after Friday because of the impact of the coronavirus.

It’s not clear when schools will re-open at this stage.

“The family of secondary, primary and special schools within Unity Schools Partnership will do all we can to continue to support the learning of our pupils,” said Unity Schools in a statement.

“Each school will provide work and explain how pupils can, where possible, keep in touch with their teachers about the work they are doing.

“We recommend that during term time pupils keep to a similar routine as when they come to school. It will be a different way of working from what they are accustomed, but we expect all pupils to focus on their learning for significant periods each day.

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“Each school will help explain how best to do this and they will be pleased to hear back from pupils about how they are getting on and what they have completed.”

Unity Schools said that staff would be continuing to work to support pupils unless they were unwell.

“Schools will provide parents with details of how to contact the school. Schools will send families regular updates too,” said Unity Schools.

“Parents whose children are entitled to a free school meal will be contacted to provide a voucher during term time for the value of the meal that would have been provided in school.

“We will work closely with the local authorities where schools are situated and with our neighbouring schools to provide the best education we can.

“This will include, where possible, keeping schools open for these children throughout the Easter holidays. We will also be ensuring all staff get a break too.”

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