University lecturer to go on hunger strike

Dr Elia Valentini will go on hunger strike to protest against climate change

Dr Elia Valentini will go on hunger strike to protest against climate change - Credit: Dr Elia Valentini

A university lecturer will go on hunger strike in protest over the "government's lack of action to address the climate and ecological emergency".

Dr Elia Valentini, who works at the University of Essex as a psychology lecturer, will not eat between March 25 and 27 as part of a protest organised by the Scientist Rebellion. 

Dr Valentini said he feels he has the responsibility to act to raise awareness and influence societal change. 

He added: "Scientists have long warned leaders and politicians of a dooming threat to civilisation that is ever escalating ahead of us.

"We are heading towards a tragic worsening of global warming and extreme weather, destruction of ecosystems and extinction of species.

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"Sadly, little has been done to achieve the scale of systemic change required.

"This action is part of an activist path I started more two years ago and will certainly go on in several fashions in the future. 

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"To this respect a three-day fasting may not look particularly powerful but it symbolically represents the determination to make a sacrifice for the greater good. 

"I feel the moral responsibility to do what is in my capacity to raise awareness about the emergency we live in and help the international environmentalist movement to stimulate societal and political change."

The protest will involve over 100 academics in over 10 countries.  

A spokesperson for Scientist Rebellion, which is organising the protest said: "Scientists from around the globe take non-violent direct action to demonstrate the severity of the climate and ecological crisis, and ask scientists and the public to join them in rebellion."

Dr Elia added: "Together with scientists across the globe I believe it's time to go beyond the comfort zone and use radical but non-violent actions to send a stronger message.

"This is an emergency and leading institutions must act accordingly."

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