Drunk cleaner awoke in cell with ‘no memory’ of £1,500 vandalism spree

Kristian Neagle carried out almost �1,500 of damage to property in Kedington Picture: GREGG BROWN

Kristian Neagle carried out almost �1,500 of damage to property in Kedington Picture: GREGG BROWN

A Suffolk man has been ordered to repay almost £1,500 in damage he wreaked on property during a drunken vandalism spree on a village street.

Kristian Neagle, of Ash Grove, Haverhill, damaged four cars, fence panels and a bird table belonging to residents of the nearby village of Kedington during the early hours of April 28.

This Monday, Suffolk Magistrates’ Court heard how several neighbours were woken at about 3.30am by the sound of Neagle kicking and thumping vehicles – damaging doors and breaking wing mirrors on a Nissan Note, Toyota Avensis, Peugeot 207 and Ford Fiesta.

The 31-year-old was then seen breaking two panels of a garden fence and smashing a bird table on the ground before police arrived in response to reports of the vandalism.

Before their arrival, Neagle was approached by one of the neighbours, who he told: “No one likes me. They deserve it,” before drunkenly arguing that he was acting in retaliation for someone having damaged his own car.

Neagle pleaded guilty to six counts of criminal damage to property valued less than £5,000 – including £397 to the Nissan, £300 to the Toyota, £204.11 to the Peugeot, £389 to the fence and £119 to the bird table – amounting to a total of £1,409.11.

In an interview with the probation service ahead of sentencing, Neagle confessed to having “no recollection of what happened” and remembered only waking up in police custody later that morning.

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The court heard that Neagle, employed as a full-time industrial cleaner, was “disgusted” with himself and could not explain his behaviour.

Solicitor Michael Whatley, mitigating, described him as a man of otherwise good character with no previous convictions on his record.

Mr Whatley said an immediate jail sentence would result in the loss of his employment and accommodation, reducing his ability to compensate the victims.

Magistrates agreed with the probation service’s recommendation that he should pay for his actions by way of compensation and community penalty.

Sentencing him to a community order lasting 12 months, they told Neagle he must carry out 60 hours of unpaid work and pay £1,409.11 in compensation for the damage caused.

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