Update: Cordons lifted after grenade found in Clacton alleyway

Police cordon. Library image.

Police cordon. Library image. - Credit: Su Anderson

A cordon put up around a residential Clacton street after a hand grenade was spotted in an alleyway has now been lifted.

Essex Police set up the 100 metre cordon after a member of the public spotted the object in a pile of leaves in the alleyway between Gerard Road and Constable Avenue shortly before 4pm.

The cordon was in place around the junction of the two roads.

Some homes were evacuated and it is understood people forced to leave were temporarily looked after at the nearby Cann Hall Primary School.

However it has now been lifted after a Colchester-based Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team from Merville Barracks confirmed the grenade was not live.

The EOD team took the grenade away for disposal, and people have bene able to return to their homes.