Update: Suffolk Show dog ban divides readers

Dogs will be welcomed back at the 2014 Suffolk Show

Dogs will be welcomed back at the 2014 Suffolk Show - Credit: PA

The decision to life the ban on dogs at the Suffolk Show has provoked some strong opinions from our readers today.

It was announced this mornign that after three years as a ‘dog free’ event, the Suffolk Show would allow guests to bring their pets alongin 2014. And kids will also go free, reiterating the fact the Trinity Park show is a family event.

We asked readers if they welcomed the decision or if they had got used to the ban and liked the fact people were not walking around the showground with their beloved dogs.

Nearly 150 people voted int he poll and the results show that readers were split - with 56% saying it is the right decision and 44% giving it the thumbs down.

John Lockwood commented on our facebook page and said: “I don’t understand why they banned dogs in the first place, it’s a country show for goodness sake and country folk have dogs.”

And agreeing, Tim Holder said: “It’s a county show, of course dogs should be allowed in, on leads and looked after responsibly. If they are not throw their owners out. Same goes for people minus the leads.”

However, Julie Stammers said: “(They) should keep the ban, I agree not good for kids. Nothing against responsible dog owners, most are, but the odd few spoil it and they do have their own dog show held there another time..keep the ban!”

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