Update: Two rescued and five led to safety during blaze

The scene of a fire in Glastonbury Road, Bury St Edmunds, on April 13.

The scene of a fire in Glastonbury Road, Bury St Edmunds, on April 13. - Credit: Mariam Ghaemi

THE OCCUPANTS of flats in Bury St Edmunds have had a lucky escape following a fire in the early hours.

Two people were rescued from a roof and five others were led to safety in Glastonbury Road between 3am and 4am.

The flats are above shops, including a bakery and post office.

A spokesman for Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service said: “Three fire crews from Bury St Edmunds were mobilised to a flat fire.

“Smoke in the hallway of the flats prevented the occupants from leaving through the main door.

“However, the caller informed the fire control room that they had escaped to the roof at the rear of the two storey building.

“On arrival, two people were rescued from the roof, and a further five people were led to safety.

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“The incident was under control at 4.18am. The cause of the fire is under investigation.”

Trevor Whitehouse, sub-postmaster at the post office, said: “I turned up for work and saw the mother and daughter on the roof at the back of their flat and at first I didn’t register there was a fire. I didn’t see anything at that stage, just the two ladies on the roof, and then all of a sudden the fire engine turned up.”

He added: “Then it started to unfold and I realised it was a fire with lots of black smoke when they smashed the window to get in.”

Mr Whitehouse said the blaze was “shocking” for all involved.

“It’s just lucky no-one was injured and we didn’t lose our business really.”

Vijay Muthulingam, who runs the Best-one shop under the flats, was led to safety with his partner by the fire brigade.

He described how they knocked on his door at about 3am and woke him up.

“Luckily we escaped last night,” he said. “They [fire service] did a good job.”

The occupants were checked over by the ambulance service.