Updated: Motorcyclist’s shock at being hit by airgun pellet in Little Bentley

A MOTORCYCLIST has described his shock after discovering an air gun pellet was lodged just one inch from his spine after being shot while riding his bike.

Kurtis Pearce, 18, was travelling home from work along Harwich Road in Little Bentley, when he felt a “sharp pain” in his back.

Mr Pearce, who lives in Elmstead Market with his parents and two brothers, said: “I was driving home the same way I always do and noticed a torch and two figures in a field.

“As I got to the junction I felt a sharp pain in my back but I didn’t think anything of it.

“I got home and my mum looked at my back and found a small hole but we thought it had been caused by a stone.”

Mr Pearce went to Colchester General Hospital where an x-ray revealed an air gun pellet lodged in the muscle in his back.

He underwent an operation to remove the pellet, which surgeons discovered was an inch from his spine, and was kept in overnight.

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Mr Pearce added: “I have to go back to hospital next week for an MRI scan because it might have caused spinal damage. I can’t walk properly at the moment.

“I’ve been signed off work for three weeks and have to go to the doctors every day to have my dressing changed.”

The incident happened at about 11.30pm on Tuesday, June 19.

Mr Pearce said: “The people responsible just haven’t got any common sense. It’s a bit like ‘Jesus, someone actually shot me’.”

Investigating officer Pc Dan Macey said: “We are trying to find out how this injury happened and want to hear from anyone who might have any information about people shooting in fields in the area on the night in question.

“If the motorcyclist was shot deliberately we need to find the person responsible because such totally reckless behaviour could have resulted in the rider falling from his machine at speed and being seriously injured.” Anyone with information should call Pc Macey on 101.

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