Uttlesford council nominations

UTTLESFORD All out election (44 seats)No overall control. Conservatives provide leader1999 election result: Lib Dem 18, Con 16, Ind 6, Lab 2Now Lib Dem 18, Con 15, Ind 6, Lab 2, Ind Lib Dem 1Ashdon Ward (1): Tariq Ali (Ind), Martin Savage (LD), *Raymond Tyler (Ind), Barnston and High Easter (1): Deborah Bryce (LD), Eric Hicks (Con).


All out election (44 seats)

No overall control. Conservatives provide leader

1999 election result: Lib Dem 18, Con 16, Ind 6, Lab 2

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Now Lib Dem 18, Con 15, Ind 6, Lab 2, Ind Lib Dem 1

Ashdon Ward (1): Tariq Ali (Ind), Martin Savage (LD), *Raymond Tyler (Ind),

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Barnston and High Easter (1): Deborah Bryce (LD), Eric Hicks (Con).

Birchanger (1): *Elizabeth Godwin (Ind), Raymond Gooding (Con), David Raynor (LD).

Broad Oak and the Hallingburys (2): Keith Artus (Con), Elizabeth Jones (LD), *Alan Row (Con), Robert Wingard (LD).

Clavering (1): *Edgar Abrahams (Ind), Ruth Rawlinson (LD).

Elsenham and Henham (2): *Catherine Dean (LD), Tamsin MacDonald-Johnson (Con), Keith Mackman (Con), *David Morson (LD).

Felsted (2): *David Gregory (LD), John Howson (Con), Louise McLaughlin (Con), *Alan Thawley (LD).

Great Dunmow North (2): Michael Earley (Green Party), *Mark Gayler (LD), Carol James (Con), John Murphy (LD), Heather Powell (Con).

Great Dunmow South (3): Keith Clarke (LD), *Rodney Copping (LD), Douglas James (Con), Barrie Powell (Con), Helen Rothwell (Con), Frank Silver (LD).

Hatfield Heath (1): Marion Dyer (LD), Mark Lemon (Ind), *Peter Lewis (Con).

Littlebury (1): Alan Johnson (LD), *Janet Menell (Con).

Newport (2): *William Bowker (LD), Marilyn Scott, always known as Jo, (Con), Ann Smith (Con), *Peter Wilcock (LD).

Saffron Walden Audley (3): *Christine Bayley (LD), John Cox, Richard Glover (Ind), *Michael Hibbs (LD), Victor Travers Lelliott (LD), *David Miller (Con), Jane Muir (Con), Alastair Walters (Con).

Saffron Walden Castle (3): Sarfraz Anjum (Con), Richard Freeman (LD), Jessica Hess (Con), Barbara Hughes (LD), Stephen Jones (LD), Yvonne Morton (Lab), *Robert O' Neill (Con), Peter Preece (Lab), Simon Trimnell (Lab).

Saffron Walden Shire (3): Helen Baker (LD), Patrick Boland (LD), Joan Dawson (LD), *Russell Green (Lab), *Alfred Ketteridge (Con), Steven Lake (Lab), Adrian Lee (Con), Grant St Clair-Armstrong (Con).

Stansted North (2): *Raymond Clifford (Ind), Sian Lloyd (Con), Anne Marchant (LD), *Geoffrey Sell (LD), Alan Williams (Con).

Stansted South (2): *Alan Dean (LD), John Flack (Con), Vanessa Ollier (LD), Richard Wallace (Con).

Stebbing (1): Mark Brackenbury (Con), *Christina Cant (LD).

Stort Valley (1): *Janice Loughlin (LD), Edward Oliver (Con).

Takeley and the Canfields Ward (2): *Jacqueline Cheetham (Con), Richard Harris (LD), *Derek Jones (Con), *Richard Smith (Ind), Paul Westlake (LD).

Thaxted (2): Andrew Dixon (Con), *Martin Foley (LD), Darren Hector (Con), Judith Pretty (Lab), Antoinette Wattebot (LD).

Chesterfords (1): Howard Rolfe (Con), *Elfreda Tealby-Watson (LD).

Eastons (1): *Cecile Down (Con), Shirley Wilcock (LD).

The Rodings (1): Jillien Bolvig-Hansen (LD), *Susan Flack (Con).

The Sampfords (1): David Morgan (LD), *Susan Schneider (Con).

Wenden Lofts (1): *Robert Chambers (Con), Neville Reed (LD).

Wimbish and Debden (1): David Corke (LD), Simon Lacey (Green Party), *Rodney Stone (Ind).

*denotes councillor seeking re-election

Key: Conservative (Con), Labour (Lab), Liberal Democrat (LD), Independent (Ind)

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