Vet speaks out over ‘upsetting’ attack where cat tortured

Mollie was found with no ears or tail Picture: MANDY BENNETT

Mollie was found with no ears or tail Picture: MANDY BENNETT - Credit: Archant

A vet has spoken out about an “upsetting” attack in which a cat was found dead with its ears and tail detached.

Mollie was just 10 months old Picture: MANDY BENNETT

Mollie was just 10 months old Picture: MANDY BENNETT - Credit: Archant

The 10-month old cat, which was named Mollie, belonged to Mandy Bennett who lives in Glemsford near Sudbury.

The mother-of-three received the heartbreaking news on Thursday, January 31, that her beloved pet had been found dead with her ears and tail detached.

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Sue White, a vet at Swayne and Partners in Long Melford, was on duty when Mollie was brought in.

She said: “The cat was brought in dead by a member of the public obviously we don’t know what happened to it between leaving its owner to getting to us we can only speculate.

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“But my report to the RSPCA and the police is that the cat had a blunt force trauma to the head and had its ears and tail removed.

“Things like this don’t happen every often, it is the only one I have seen.

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“It is disturbing to think about, it is upsetting. It is not nice news to give to an owner that their pet has died especially when it is in this way. The owner was understandably quite upset.”

Ms Bennett said: “I got a message on Thursday night saying a cat had been handed in to the Long Melford Vet.

“So I called them and they confirmed they had her but she was in a bad way. So I thought ‘oh no she’s been hit by a car or a fox has got her’.

“But instead they told me that she had been found dead after suffering a blunt trauma and with her ears and tail detached.

“I still wondered if it had been a fox but the vet said whoever done this is human.

“I was gobsmacked, I still am, I understand you get people who don’t like cats but to do that is just disturbing.”

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