Victim speaks out over sex abuse after decades of silence

IPSWICH: Almost 60 years after being sexually abused by her headmaster, a child sex victim today broke her silence.

The 66-year-old relived the terrible events that disfigured her life in the hope it will help her to finally come to terms with what happened and encourage others to seek help.

The woman, who was a pupil at an Ipswich primary school, said she was around eight to ten when she was assaulted. She said she was called to the headmaster’s office on many occasions to read to him. It was while doing so that the indecent assaults occurred.

The woman said: “I was terrified whenever I was called into his office knowing full well what would occur.

“The stress caused by his abuse has dogged me all of my life. I am now 66 years of age and still remember the fear as if it happened yesterday.

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“I needed to get this off my chest. I am sure there must be others who were subjected to abuse by him.”

For decades the woman did not tell anyone, until she went to a counsellor to help overcome her demons.

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“The abuse has definitely scarred me for life,” she said.

“I realised I had to do something because the whole thing was ruining my relationships with other people. It’s been really difficult.

“I would kind of shy away from people and touching them. Even now I find it difficult to have somebody touch me at all in any way.

“The counsellor suggested it would probably be more cathartic if I did come out with it. It affected me tremendously. It has made my relationships, especially towards men, really difficult. I have been married three times and it has been really difficult to trust.”

The woman said she felt disgusted and very angry towards the teacher, but added she was unable to tell anyone what happened at the time because he implied she would not be believed.

She said: “It was almost implied that if I did I would be in serious trouble.”

The woman is now imploring other child sex assault victims to speak to someone as soon as possible.

She said: “I would advise them not to carry it inside for so many years for their own health and well-being, and also to save other children or people still being abused.”

A spokesman for Suffolk Constabulary confirmed the force was looking into the woman’s allegations.

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