Video: Buy Formula One star Jenson Button’s car - for just �49,995

STOWMARKET: A car dealer who specialises in selling luxury vehicles has a new motor on the market – with just one (very famous) former owner.

The Nissan GTR currently on the market with Steve Hurn Specialist Cars was formerly owned by top Formula One driver Jenson Button.

The Somerset-born 2009 world champion has decided to sell the high-performance car despite it having just 1,600 miles on the clock.

It is on the market for a “bargain” �49,995 – more than �15,000 less than the famous racer paid for it – meaning he will have lost about �10 for every mile it has travelled.

The 2009 sports car has a matt black finish with a black and red interior and a top speed of 193mph.

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Mr Hurn, who runs his operation from Stowmarket, said he was expecting to get a lot of interest in the car.

He said: “It’s got all the electronic things you can get on it. I have to say I think it’s a bargain – but what is his name worth?

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“Jenson’s manager had exactly the same one that we sold about a year ago. We sold that to a TVR owner who was stepping up.”

The Nissan GTR was launched in 2007 and was quickly named the Top Gear Supercar of the Year.

Mr Hurn has previously represented Mr Button as a client, putting his Bugatti Veyron up for sale in 2009 for a staggering �900,000.

The Veyron – which has a top speed of 253mph – proved very popular and grabbed national headlines due to its high price tag.

Mr Hurn said that from past experience it was clear that although having Mr Button’s name attached to a car helped it attract attention, it was not necessarily a deal-clincher.

Mr Button, who turns 31 tomorrow, races for the McLaren team and came fifth in the 2010 F1 World Championship with 241 points.

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